Specialty grains

I noticed in some of NB extract kits say specialty grains included. Can you please tell me what this specialty grains included means. Does the specialty grain add another process to the brewing and do i need any special equipment for the specialty grain or do I use a mesh grain bag as usual.
Thanks guys

same thing use a mesh bag think what they do mean the grains are together for that type of beer you want to brew depends on the beer could be one plastic bag or two full of grains
so easy all the work done for you

Unless it is a partial mash recipe the specialty grains are for steeping to add color and flavor. The kits come with a bag to steep the grains in. After steeping dump the grains in the garden for tilling in and you have a reuseable bag.

Oh boy… To me specialty grains are the color an artist puts on the blank sheet. That I’m all grain, they are mixed and crushed with my base malt, which is the base or blank sheet an artist makes their concept on…. Its not easy to say where and how to use them, that comes with lots of brewing, BUT, you won’t find out why, until you try and experiment with them…. Sneezles61

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