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Sparkling ale?

Relatively new to brewing, I think I’m on batch 11 or 12. I have an idea after making our own batch of root beer. I’m sure it’s not original, but I’ll put it to this board…

Have any of y’all had any experience using champagne yeast instead of an ale yeast on a beer. I’m thinking something along the lines of a honey Kolsch (please don’t reprimand me, style police) fermented with ale yeast. Potentially turning into a summer sparkling ale…hmmmm…what say you NB board?

I’ve seen Sparkling Ale before, after a quick google, Bell’s mentions in it’s own description using an Abbey Style yeast.

But that is all I can offer, since I am VERY new to brewing and have a lot to learn about … well everything.

I have no idea because I don’t know anything about champagne yeast but I say go for it! You could always do a smaller test batch. That’s one way that I’ve been experimenting lately. If it’s bad, then I only have 1-2 gallons of it and if it’s good I know I can make a full five gallons later.

Australian Sparkling Ale is the most common term.

Listen to this: via

Using champagne yest ia beer is a bad idea. First, you don’t get any more of a “sparkling ale” than you do with beer yeast. Second, it ferments different sugars than a beer yeast which gives you a kinda strange tasting beverage. In short, I wouldn’t recommend it.

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