I’m brewing a 3 way IPA,the directions state to mash with 5 1/2 gallons of water.after an hour to sparge with 6 1/2 gallons at 165 degrees,which leaves me with roughly 11 gallons of wart going into my kettle.after the boil I’m left with about 7 gravity seemed a little lower then expected at 1.60 with a target of 1.64-1.68 .I’m a sparging with to much water?The final product tasted great I’m just trying to hit my target numbers.

So you boiled off 4 gallons in 60min? Sounds like a lot. If you’d doing a 5 gallon batch I would think you want to end about 5.25 or 5.5 post boil that should help your gravity. Only sparge with enough water to hit your estimated pre boil volume

It’s for a 6 1/2 gallon batch with 5 1/2 gallons of wart going into the fermenter

Boil time is 75 minutes with hops

If it’s for 6 1/2 gallons and you ended with 7 then take out 1/2 gal from your sparge.

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I’m just confused on why so much sparge water of 6 1/2 if I already have 51/2 gallons during the mash.the directions state to recirculation wort for 5 minutes then drain into kettle and sparge with 6 1/2 gallons do I completely drain first runnings or just a little then sparge evenly going in as out.

You need to adjust the water volumes to fit your system. Some people’s systems have more dead space then others or more boil off and require more volume. Also you need to adjust the recipe to fit your brew house efficiency. Starting with 11 gal to have a 5 1/2 gal batch is a lot. On my system to have 11 gal in the Fermentors I start with 13 gal in the kettle.

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Shaun, I’d say something is all hosed up there. I will start with 7 gallons to to end up 5-1/2 gallons IN the fermenter… You may need to post the whole directions, we can help to see whats up with starting with 12 gallons… Maybe a three way IPA is saying you can do three worts, strong, medium and a little one if so desired? Grain bill will be the key to whats going on… Sneezles61

My directionsister say to mash with 5 1/2 gallons of water at 150 degrees for 60 min,then recirculation for 5 min and sparge with 61/2 gallons of water at 165 degrees but really only says I should end up with 5 1/2 gallons going into my fermenter after the boil.should I do a dry run to figure out how much burn off of water I get or before the boil I should have around 7 gallons of wort?

You’ve already done a better than dry run. What you just did shows what you ended up with, so you can adjust for next time by adding less sparge water. Your boiloff may change a bit from batch to batch depending on relative humidity, but you should find a happy medium. Also worth asking… are you leaving a lot of sludge in the kettle when you go to the fermentor? That could be part of your loss. I pour everything through a strainer, and get a lot more volume. Anything that makes it through drops post fermentation, anyway.

No not really I use a 15 gallon kettle with a screen on the inside ,mash in a 10 gallon cooler tun with my false bottom, then into my secondary 15 gallon kettle with a screen.really only residue I have is hops .Beer turns out great just I just think I have to much wort left over after final boil I have a 6 1/2 carboy but usually end up with a gallon more.

You already know your problem then, use less water and you will solve your volume problem and your FG problem.

Also, how much malt is being used? I use a quart of water lost to a pound of malt. Then you will need to figure yer boil loss due to evaporation… We are nudging in the right direction I hope? Sneezles61

Thanks to everyone who offered advice and tips.I will pay alot of attention on my net batch to get a clearer picture on boiled water losses .Brew on all beginners and veterans of brewing

For me the mashing is the fun part I change my system everyonce in awhile just to play around and give me more excuses to brew

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