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Spare Parts Porter

I have a bunch of spare bits in my fridge I was hoping to utilize. I’d like to brew up a porter for this winter so this is what I came up with:

.75# Black Patent
.75# Crystal 80L
1oz Columbus (pellet) @ 60
1oz Styrian Goldings (leaf) @ 15
1oz Crystal (leaf) @ 0 and let steep for 15
2# Wheat DME
6# Dark LME

(I might change the extracts for grain, I dunno)

Yeast will be either 1335 or 1098

For fun I’ll throw some oak chips in the secondary. I might even soak them in Wild Turkey or Bourbon.

Am I going to smoke myself out w/ all that BP? I ran the recipe through Beersmith and the chemistry comes out good. The style is a should be right. But will it taste good?

Interesting recipe, I did a clean out the ingredient recipe recently also. I might just tone back the BP a bit. Other than that, I’m wondering about the columbus @ 60, I’ve never brewed with columbus that I can remember. But I’ve heard people say it can dominate the beer, but probably not in a porter though…

Seems like the better choice would be the 1335, but it seems like this beer is more experimental.

Either way, it’ll be beer!


Columbus (aka Tomahawk) is about 14.5%.
I might buy a quarter pound of chocolate malt in place of a quarter pound of BP. I want the color but I don’t want it to taste like an ash tray.

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