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Sourcing Grapes

I paged pretty far back in the forum, and don’t seem to find this topic, or have missed it. Semi-serious beer brewer with 1 finished wine kit under my belt, hand full of 1 gal fruit wines on their way, and I’m wanting to do a nice wine,as close to from scratch as possible. Does anyone on here have some experience with ordering small quantities of grapes (frozen or fresh) rather than using kits? I have found some grape sellers online, and I have the impression they sell in much bigger quantities than I can use. Some people head to vineyards, but I’m a ways away. Worth the effort to go this route, or stick to kits for a while?

P.S. I only plan on making one or 2 big batches of wine a year.

You might be able to find a local store. There’s a place near me that brings grapes from California in refrigerated trucks, and another that gets frozen musts from Italy. You can start by calling around local homebrew shops. They might have a yearly supplier, or give you some leads.

I believe the smallest quantity of grapes you can buy is a 36 pound lug. Yields around 2 gallons.

Cool, thanks.

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