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Source Needed: Tub for cleaning kegs and buckets

I’m looking for something solid that I can use for completely submersing kegs and buckets. I’ve tried storage tubs, but they don’t work so well full of water.

What do you all use and where did you find them? Hope what I’m looking for is clear. Thanks in advance! :cheers:

What about a large plastic trashcan? Don’t know if it’ll reliably hold that much water or not. Better ways to clean buckets and kegs than totally submerging them though. :idea:

yeah, if you are set on totally submerging kegs and the like, I would go with a plastic trash can. I use these tubs from walmart (menards, home depot, etc.) If you watch, you can find them on sale for $5 or $7 from time to time: ... e/19400074

I like to have a tub of star san on hand. I brew a lot. And, I keep the tub of starsan for a month or so (checking pH.) I put 10 or 15 gallons in it and it is perfect for throwing in all the tubing, bucket, odds and ends I need on brew day. Just reach in a grab what I need and I am sure it is sanitized. Also, with bottling buckets (which is what I use for fermenting), you can put them in right side up half full, then put the spigots together and in under water to keep them sanitary, turn the bucket upside down in the water and sanitize the rest. you can put enough bottles in one for a full 5 gallon batch. All around, pretty handy (and stackable if you have 2 or 3). Also great for filling up with empty gallon water jugs when I go to get RO water at walmart. Great for dumping grain into and hauling out to garden, etc.

Do you have access to a feed supply store? Molasses feed tubs are designed to stand up to the abuse of livestock. The feed stores around here sell empty clean ones for $5-$7. They also work great for swamp coolers.

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