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Source for oxygen

I’ve been using the little Bernzomatic 1.4 oz. 02 bottles to oxygenate my wort but they only last for a very few batches. Is there a source for a larger 02 bottle for brewing?

You can go to a oxygen gas supply store. Buy a 40 cft or rent one. Me do use a emergency oxygen bottle. 40 cft. Last me long time. Once empty. You can go to a dive store. Who does do mix gas diving. Nitrox. They do refill the o2 tank

I go to a welding supply store and have the fill my 40 cf tank. I think I purchased and filled mine back in 2016. Are you sure your not just blowing O2 out of the wort? You should see little bubbling on top.

Not sure, just pump 02 for 45 -60 seconds then install the airlock. I usually pitch the yeast then oxygenate. Do I need a regulator, etc?

A regulator would be nice. Buy a cheap one at a medical store i got one there set my flow to 2 psi. For about 1 min or so. On the end of the tubing got a diffusion stone. Let if flow untill get small bubble on top of the wort

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As @wilcolandzaat said you want just enough PSI to see a small amount on top of the wort. If it’s bubbling too much your just blowing O2 out of the wort and wasting your canister.

Thanks Wilco and Loopie. Bill

one of these:

They used to sell a kit that I’m not seeing now. one of those welding tanks last me a very long time.

Everything but the bottle?

I added this kit to the above linked kit, and now I’m able to make one of those bottles last much longer. Turns out I was using waaaayyyy too much O2 before I had a way to measure.

Am I the only one that just uses a fish tank aeration pump and stone? I used to have a medical O2 tank but it was difficult to talk the medical O2 outfits into filling it. A fire equipment supply would fill it but I got the feeling it was just air not pure O2. Finally the lever on the O2 bottle broke so I bought the aquarium pump and have used it since. I think between the pump, tubing and stone I was out about $10.

I used to use an aeration stone and pump. In fact, some breweries claim it’s easier to calculate O2 ppm. With aeration you max out at 8ppm. With pure O2 you can hit 10-12ppm. I’m willing to bet you would never be able to tell, especially at the homebrewing level. Of course, that 10% RIS or DIPA is going to need the extra O2.

No me do use a dan medical o2 kit. Easy for me to fill the o2 tank. I do fill oxygen tanks at my work

Haven’t used one for many years now… Enough splashing as I fill the fermenters… I do on purpose hold the hose high above the wort… I’ll bet those low O2 clowns are just screaming at me !! :scream: Sneezles61


The distillery next to my work uses an air compressor, a check valve, and a non mechanical filter for dust and oil.

@sneezles61 I do the same but through a kitchen strainer that aerates and splashes

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