Sour question

Evening all,
Long story short: homebrew club brewed a wee heavy to age in a whiskey barrel. Someone wasn’t complete with their sanitation so everyone ended up with 5 gallons of a soured wee heavy. Beer tastes great and is currently in a keg where it has been for 6 months. I’m thinking of now doing something with it. Options are — carbonate and bottle or transfer to a carboy and pitch more bugs. If the latter what would everyone recommend bug wise? Will it need food? Will the carbonation on the beer in the keg affect anything?

Thank me in advance,

If it tastes great, why not bottle it as-is? If you want to play around with it, though, I’d bottle some and transfer the rest to a 3-gallon carboy. What’s the gravity of it right now? I can’t imagine the carbonation would affect it, although it may be a PITA to get into a carboy with the foam. Might take a few days to get it filled with minimal headspace.