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Sour mash tun

I did a sour in my 48 qt Colman extreme cooler. Now do I have to bleach it before going back to regular mashes or just clean it good with water?

You should be able to get by with a normal cleaning. When you do a normal mash and then boil straight after, that won’t provide enough time for organisms to sour your mash. FWIW unless you disassemble all your fittings after each mash, you may have organisms growing in your MLT in between brews anyway. Ball valves and threaded fittings are notoriously hard to clean fully without disassembly.

Thanks kcbeersnob for that answer, my 1st sour and did not want to mess up my ales.

Right there. ^^ I’ve never done a sour mash, but I just clean my MT with hot chiller water and a wash rag.

Mine’s a keg, so mild soap might tame the smell in a cooler. Sanitizing won’t be necessary, though.

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