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Sour/Berliner Weisse questions

#1: for a Berliner Weiss, what’s the typical amount of syrup that’s added to the beer when served?

#2: I just saw a Brewing TV about brewing sour beers, and they said that you should have dedicated equipment from sour beers. Would that mean kegging the Berliner Weiss is a bad idea?


Dedicated plastic equipment for sour beers - glass and stainless are easily cleaned and sanitized. Keg the Berliner and when it’s done, fill the keg with PBW solution and drop the posts, poppets, diptubes, and lid in to soak, overnight is good.

I keg all my sours and then if I want them bottled I use the beer gun.
Just remember you have a lot of plastic/rubber parts on a keg. I just keep one keg devoted to sours so I dont have to worry about it.

You add syrup to taste, but typically an ounce in a 12oz glass is plenty.

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