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Sour beer lovers ?!

I wasn’t sure if ‘recipe design’ or ‘ingredients’ would be the best category. Regardless, is anyone on the forum going for this one…I was thinking about starting a ‘sour beer of the month club.’

(hope this one doesn’t violate forum rules)


That would be the beer I was referencing in the “speaking of simplicity” thread…

I’d drink that over a beard brew.

Edit - but I’d rather drink neither!

I’m going to allow it. It’s beer related and you kept it “clean.” After a quick Google search I have to admit… I would drink that beer.

Considering the lacto in goodbelly was isolated from the human large intestine… I’d drink that too.

Wow, brings a HOLE new meaning to sour beer.

Brew a clone of this on your back porch and every male dog in the neighborhood will be at your door!

There’s a thread in the extract category titled “Where is this flavor coming from”. That’s where you probably should have posted this!

Cheers and ewwww.


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AAAAHHHH, nope Sneezles61

“Wow, brings a HOLE new meaning to sour beer.”

Sour, or fishy?

Old school funk!

We’re gonna have to star San this whole thread… just saying

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