Sour Beer Advice

After a lot of personal sampling, and a trip to Belgium in 2011 I’m officially in love with sour beer styles.

I plan to brew up both kits (all grain) that NB offers and let them age for at least a year, brew them up again, wait, and blend. I’d like to reuse the yeast / bacteria cakes and then just continue repitching on those as long as I can to keep myself stocked in sour beers.

For the Dawson’s Kriek recipe, what has your schedule been for primary time? When did you add cherries, primary or secondary? etc.

For the Kriek I was thinking I would primary for one year, sans cherries, then add the cherries to the primary and let it sit on those for a while. Rack to the secondary leaving behind the cake and cherries, then throw a fresh batch of Kriek wort on top of that mess. Thoughts?

Sounds like a good plan. In my experience, I’ve had the best results making sours with cultivated dregs from commercial sour/funky beers.