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Sorry, if this question has been asked to death

I’m not to wine making, but not brewing, is there an ideal PH for wine?

With wine it is not a simple as with beer. Ie with beer you need fairly specific conditions for the chemical process of mashing to give you best results.

With wine, the acidity is mostly just how the finished wine ends up being balanced.

Here is a link I found, but it is not going to be as big of a deal as with beer.

I don’t entirely agree with you Meister Smith. pH is very important for wine, just for different reasons that with beer. Having pH in the proper range (not too low) is important for yeast health. And if you plan to do malolactic fermentation after the alcoholic fermentation, pH is absolutely critical as the bacteria involved are very fussy about the conditions under which they will perform.

Additionally, pH determines the concentration of sulfite you will need to add, with higher concentrations needed at higher pH levels to effectively protect the wine. Mostly this has to do with the way sulfite combines with other compounds, but it also is because wine will be better protected from spoilage organisms and will age better if it is at lower pH levels.

The Jack Keller link gives good info.

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