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Sorachi Ace

I like to brew single hop IIPAs to try and get an idea of how a specific hop works on each level (bitter, flavor, aroma, and then dry). I did a Sorachi Ace IIPA and was bewildered. Even though the recipe I wrote should have been around 90 IBU, it was not bitter at all. Flavor was like lemon candy (emphasis on the candy), very sweet. I didn’t get any of the butter flavors that most people complain about but I did get a vague cloudiness even after filtration that I do not get with other varieties. Anyone else had that cloudy effect with Sorachi?

Would recommend for late editions on hefe/wit/wisse and also in saisons but I would never bitter or dryhop with it again nor do I consider it a good hop for IPA.

Next IIPA is going to be single hop Pacific Jade. Anyone had luck there? Any other cool newer hops that are good for single hop IIPAs?

I just opened a bottle of my most recent batch which is a rosemary blonde ale that I used S A to FWH and to dry hop. It is very clear after two weeks in the bottle. I used Wyeast 1272.

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