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Sometimes it pays to ask

Stopped by my local liquor emporium today getting ready for a New Years Eve party. They were sampling champagne and sparkling wine and of coarse my wife was interested in trying them all. Couldn’t help but notice that one of the wines came in a really handy 750ml swing top champagne bottle. I asked the girl pouring the samples what they did with the empty bottles and told her I would be interested in them. She boxed them up and ended up giving me 24 of them for free, even had one of the employees load them into my truck. :mrgreen:
Just goes to show you it never hurts to ask.
[attachment=0]swing top champagne-2.2.jpg[/attachment]

Can the tops be sterilized? What are they made of?

Sweet. Those bottles are calling out to be filled with some belgian style beer.

Its just like a swing top EZ-Cap bottle. Ceramic lid, plastic gasket.


Good score. I did the same thing. My wife and I went to a wine dinner last year and I asked what they were going to do with the empty wine bottles. They said they were just going to recycle them and that I could have them if I wanted. I ended up getting about 3 cases of empty wine bottles.

Niiice. I paid $35 for a 12 pack of similar bottles, 1 liter each. I don’t use them much since I keg my brew, but they are handy for easy transportation.

I keg as well, but sure I can find a good use for these. :wink:

Toad Hollow Vineyards bottles there champange in those bottles. A girl friend of mine recently started drinking that stuff, shes giving me 6 bottles in the last 3 weeks.

I seemed to have missed my invite to this party…

The wife said “it takes a special kind of person to leave a liquor store with free brewing supplies.” I just told her that homebrewers are always on the lookout. :wink:

Sweet score. :cheers:

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