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Sometimes a little patience pays off!

After monitoring “carboy” on a craigslist RSS feed, I finally came across a deal. The previous owner was a wine maker, but he was parting ways with a 7 gal ferm bucket, 1 6 gal carboy, 3 x 5 gal carboys, 1 gal jug, whole tub full of any accessory needed to measure or transfer (multiple of many) all for $100…even included a portuguese corker, 8-9 boxes of wine bottles, and brew carriers for all the jugs.

Honestly I would’ve paid that alone for the carboys. With the extras I’ve gotta plan me a holiday brew for the fam to put my new corker to use!!

Sweet deal, the corker alone is worth nearly $70.

Now with the surplus carboys, hopefully I can keep a decent pipeline. Kinda gets tiring brewing every 2-3 weeks, and the next step is convincing the wife I need to move to kegging with my newly increased capacity.

Yep, thats a good deal.

I saw that deal too. Good score! I started kegging back in November and love it! Not to take a sale from NB but i bought my kegging set up from Midwest and got 2 kegs, regulator, tank and hoses. For the same price as their single keg that didn’t include a tank.

I was leery to jump on it as the deal seemed to good, but everything was as advertised. Turns out he was relocating and just needed the moving van space.
Gonna brew up my second batch of Shining Star Pale this weekend, and maybe get a dry stout in as well.

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