Somethng dumb

I did something really dumb this morning. I started racking my raspberry mead into the bottling bucket, then went downstairs to grab something. When I came back up, I realized right then and there that I had left the spigot open on the bucket. Mead all over the kitchen floor.I quickly closed the valve, but I had lost a gallon of precious mead. Some people only learn the hard way.

Tough lesson to learn, but I bet you don’t do it again. Its happened to more than one of us.

I’ve done this with my mash tun, brew kettle, and a tap handle that was forward when I hooked up the line! I’m so glad I’m not alone!

Filling up my HLT, lost track of the level in the sight glass until its pouring out the top. Turned the ballvalve the wrong way and overshot my MT.

I don’t now how many times I’ve left a tap open, even after checking twice. :oops:

I personally disagree with Baratone. Odds are you’ll probably accidentally do it again. Hopefully not that badly, but it will happen because accidents happen. I’ve done this more than once on the bottling bucket and the number just goes up from their if you count kettles, mashtuns and HLTs. Just sucks you lost that much.

Interesting. Just figured it was one of those things that happens to everyone once and then become one of the first things you check. :oops:

Or, you periodically read about someone doing it on the board, and it becomes something you automatically check.

Only time I’ve left a spigot open was once when I was hooking up a picnic tap to a keg. Pressurized beer makes much more of a mess than gravity fed beer…

Makes me feel better knowing that I’m not the only one who done something like this. I definitely felt like a dumb-ass.