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Something weird

Can figur it out i did a irish redale about. Ten days ago i did ferement nice. Now it sits in the secondary. Grav from 1.065 to 1 013. Did transfer. But during transfer. I have a feeling something is not right. Smells good. But forgot to sample. I can not put my finger on it but just have a feeling something not right

Best pull a sample now! Sneezles61

Mm got to wait till monday me on medication

Aren’t we all, Wilco. Aren’t we all. I’m on 2 pints of IPA right now :wink:


Got a infection. In my leg. But my brew buddy came by. Could not resist. Had two pints of zombi dirt. Ale

Well, there’s your problem! If you put dirt in your fermenter, you’ll get an infection every time!


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Get well soon. Hope it’s not that damn vibrio from your job/ salt water. Tough infections, common here.

Better today. Did brew a white beer yesterday at the brewery. Think week ago i lifted. A 25 gallon water kettle for my hot water. Think i should have not done this. Same night sour back. Guess this old fart 52 not 25 anymore

Ah, the main cure, brew some beer! I’m a poet and I didn’t know it!!:smile: Sneezles61

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