Some Wit Questions

Going to try to get this brewed tonight. Brewing Jamil’s recipe, using a blood orange (if I can get one), a tangerine, navel orange and a grapefruit for the zest at 30 seconds/flameout.

Listening to the BN’s wit show with Doc Lathamer, and I think I am going to use a lot of his tips (though not his ridiculous step mash, as I have pre-cooked oats and flaked wheat)

Did have a few questions though, as I haven’t brewed one of these in about 40 batches:

-Doc mentions that he was going to consider using Cascades at around 30 minutes to create another ‘layer’ of citrus flavor. I was thinking of doing this beer with all Centennial (11%AA) instead as that’s all I have on hand (besides Saaz, which is more traditional). Probably a small 60 minute addition, and a slightly bigger 30 minute, to about 14-16 IBU. Bad idea?

-All I have because I am lazy and cheap is the Moroccan ‘homebrew’ coriander, as opposed to the Indian coriander that he recommends. Has anyone done a side-by-side of the differences?

-Also have dried chamomile, which I will be adding at 30 seconds to flameout and possibly in the keg in a bag. That stuff smells frigging amazing. Anyone ever find a big difference with fresh?

-I am brewing a full 5 gallon batch in a bag, so I don’t have any rice hulls. I am thinking this won’t be a problem, but I’ve never done a BIAB with this much mushy gummy grains. Anyone have any experience with this?