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Some Questions on the Rum Runner Stout

For those who’ve made it, what kid of rum do you add? I’m thinking about the Kraken, but should I go lighter since this is a dark beer?

How come there isn’t a 5 gallon version of this kit? What would you have to buy to do a 5 gallon batch?

Since this one gallon kit has 2lbs of DME, should I dump the whole pack of yeast in the fermenter or still go with a half pack like most of the one gallon kits recommend. 2lbs of DME seems like a lot for a 1 gallon batch.

Man, it sure smells good as I approach boiling… :cheers:

This reply to your question is to late unless you held your wort overnight to cool. Use one-half pack of yeast. Did you use SA-04? Rehydrate the yeast according to the instructions on manufacturers site.
You can save the other half if your conditions were sanitary. Press the air out and seal with tape then refrigerate.
If you used SA-04 keep the wort temperature below 68° during the first couple of days of active fermentation. Funkey flavors over 68°.
Use rum that is enjoyable to drink straight up.

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