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Some questions about making an Elderberry melomel

Last year I started a 5 gallon mead with an OG of 1.1 and an SG of .998. I want to make some or all of it into a melomel, and I have a few questions:

  1. Evan though I know this is a matter of personal taste, but does 96 oz of Vintner’s Harvest Elderberry Base (I think it might be a concentrate) seem like enough, or too much to add to 5 gallons of mead?

  2. I’m going to re-yeast with K1-V1116 when I add the Elderberry Base. Should I also add yeast energizer and nutrient?

  3. Should I add pectic enzyme?

  4. Should I check the pH to make sure it is within a specific range? If so, what is the range?

Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  1. 96 oz should give you color and flavor, but it shouldn’t be overwhelming. You can always add another can in a month if you want more flavor/color.

  2. You should use energizer and nutrient to begin with, and again when you add the fruit.

  3. As I understand it, elderberries are low in pectin, but some pectic enzyme won’t hurt, and it may help for clarity.

  4. As long as you’re not adding anything other than water, honey, fruit, and yeast/nutrients/energizer, your pH shouldn’t be a problem.

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