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Some plate between brewpot and electric coils

My friend talked to me about some device for electric coils that separates it from your stainless steel pot while keeping heat distribution level. What is it called or is it even real?

Are you talking about a heat diffuser?

Get a thick round flat disk of aluminum the size of your pot bottom and it should work great.
probably 1/4" thick would be fine, maybe less would do also.
Copper would be best, but it costs so much and harder to find.

If you can find an old junk aluminum skillet with a flat bottom close to the size of your brew pot you can cut out the flat bottom of the skillet and use that and it would be cheap if you find one for $1 at a yard sale.
Wife wonders why I buy up junk aluminum cookware with Teflon peeling off etc… when I would never cook in such stuff. LOL
Just never know when a nice chunk of aluminum would come in handy, and I usually get it for less than scrap value too so I could even take it all to scrap yard and make a profit LOL

I bought 2 nice pressure cookers of heavy aluminum a week ago at a yard sale for $5 for both, they use the same weight for the lid and the plastic on the weight was broke! I can fix that!
I won’t cut those up since I can use them, but the bigger one has a great flat thick bottom that would be perfect for a heat diffuser for a brew pot!

I do have a BIG old SEARS pressure cooker I may cut the bottom out of, I hate to do it but I think it may be too far gone inside to use for food as it’s pretty bad corroded, may try to clean it up first and it polishes out well might use it, if not cut it for my brew pot.

In finding the right disk you want close to the size of your pot to spread heat over the entire bottom, also so the pots sits steady and not wobbly. Depending on your electric stove coils and how the pot sits on the coils perhaps anything larger than the coils would also work well even if not the full size of the pots bottom. Very important of course the pot does not wobble or tip over!

No it had a patented name

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