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Some help with building a kegerator

What size of a refrigerator should I get? I want something good and that does not break the bank. Where should I buy my keg kit at?

How many kegs do you want to serve from?

Pepsi kegs are 9" around. Coke are 10". Make some cut out and take them with you to see how many will fit in a fridge.

Where to buy the kegs from? Price + shipping is going to determine that.

If you’re looking to keep the price down, consider a chest freezer. I found they tend to run cheaper for the same capacity (maybe not in terms of overall cubic feet, but at least in terms of how many kegs you can fit), and ones that appear to be in good condition come up quite frequently on Craigslist.

I dont wanna go the keezer way. seems like alot of work. Im not sure on how many kegs i wanna store, atleast four i guess.

Either a fridge or a freezer will require no or a lot of modification. Depending on what you want to do.

Both can be zero mods by using picnic taps.

Or you can drill holes in the door of a fridge for faucets. Possibly needing to remove the door shelves to get the required room. And making a flat floor. Verses putting some 2x6’s on a chest freezer and drilling holes for the faucets.

With a freezer, you open the lid and remove the empty keg. With a fridge, you may need to remove the front kegs to remove the empty rear kegs.

A freezer will need some mods to the thermostat or a temp controller. For ease of use, a fridge can use a temp controller also.

6 in one hand. Half dozen in the other. Choice is yours :wink:

18 cu ft. should be good and try to look for one with a flat bottom if you can. If not you will need to build a platform. IMO, much easier to get kegs into and out of an upright fridge.

kegs…try craigstlist…

ok, after reading today, i think i wanna do a keezer. what would be a size of freezer for 4 kegs or so

If you read about it you should know all about it as almost everyone states what size freezer they used… :slight_smile:

Maybe do a search and you would have found this thread…


From earlier in this thread:

I have 5 cu. cubic feet freezer and will be able to fit 3 kegs if I place the co2 outside…a 7 cu feet freezer should get you four easy…I used a 2x6 collar and with the disconnects attached my keg on top of the compressor just fits.

I use a 10 inch collar and put two kegs on the hump and 3 kegs and co2 bottle on the floor of a 7 cu ft freezer. With having 5 kegs I have 4 on tap and 1 space for carbing.

yeah i got a 7 cu feet freezer. i hope i can get 4 kegs + co2 in it. I was thing using 2x4 for the collar? should i do 2x6? Another thing i keep reading about fans to stop molds, how would i go about that?

I had to use 2x6 to be able to fit kegs on top of the compressor…don’t know anything about fans…but I do have a lot of condensation in the bottom of my keezer…not sure how to fix…I will be watching this thread and hopefully some one can tell me.

it depends on model of freezer but to get 2 kegs on the hump I needed to use 2x10’s. I have had no mold in 3 years of use and I don’t use a fan. I do, do a good cleaning once a year. a fan would help to distribute the cold air more evenly top to bottom in the freezer. ... 000H0XFD2/

last question… maybe :stuck_out_tongue: with craft beer 5 gallons kegs? Would be cool do have my homebrew and my fav crafts in my keezer

Yes that kit will convert over to a commercial keg.

You need a sanke coupler[/url], a couple of tail pieces, and a [url=]nut
for the top of the coupler.

This is a short video

on the conversion.

Edit: I just remembered that someone is making a post to screw onto the keg coupler that has the ball lock ends on it.
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