Some bottles taste bad, again

Its happen on my last 2 batches Some bottles taste great, so i knwo its not the whole batch, but others have a clovey/bandaid taste that drowns out the beers flavor. Most taste good but I want them all to taste good id hate if someoen else got a bad one. You can notice just from smelling the empty bottles side by side. Its always the same taste smell no matter what. No bottle bombs in fact carbonation is the same as far as i can tell. I realiaze i need to step my botte cleanign up just wondering if anyone has ever experienced this particualr taste in some bottles but not other and what the contaminant might be.

Athother thought is maybe the bottles that taste bad had more star san left in them, I mix my star san with tap water that tastes pretty chlorinated. Maybe the chloramines/chlorine is enough to react with phenol compounds?

The first step to find the problem would be to mix your starsan solution with distilled water. It Does sound like the taste you are experiencing is coming from the treated water. Would involve a minimal investment since star san solutions can be saved and reused. What is your bottle cleaning technique?

Sounds like some of your bottles had some crap still at the bottom. Run them through a hot dishwasher cycle with no soap and heated drying. Then sanitize with starsan and fill.

Also helps to rinse the bottle right after you finish it. That way the leftover bit doesnt have time to dry and crust on.