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So what to do with liq. yeast if you can't brew?

I have liquid yeast coming and I now realize that due to a family emergency I just won’t have time to brew, and may not for a few weeks. Best plan might be to go ahead and make a starter and then pour the yeast in a jar just like if I were washing? That’s the plan anyway. Anything wrong with it?

smack pack?

I’d just put it in the fridge and worry about doing a starter when it comes time to brew.

Yeast is not that fragile! It’s survived thousands of years without being coddled in a fridge. Throw it in the fridge and make a starter when needed.

put yeast in fridge and couple days before brew day make a starter.

Yep - I routinely keep smack packs in the fridge for 4,6 even 8 weeks depending on schedule. Smack them, make a starter - especially if you start talking 4-8 weeks or more. I know people have dug out much older smack packs than this and built up starters with them.


Amazing how many times this question is asked.

I had a pack of Wyeast 1469 for over a year while it was still limited release. Made a small starter and stepped it up. It went like gangbusters.

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