So, what did you get for Christmas?

We still haven’t started ours yet. House full of night owls that sleep in ('cept me).

I got a fridge so that I can finally make Pilsners and Lagers! Very excited! :cheers:

I got a genuine German beer stein, an iPad,really cool by the way, and 3goose island bourbon county stouts, my daughter drank 1before she wrapped them :cry:

I got a keg setup (minus the co2) , a 3 and 5 gallon carboy and a wort chiller, and a carboy funnel and carboy dryer stand and a carboy hauler


Same here so I am brewing while I wait.

10 gal Megapot with ball valve and wort chiller! Bought myself an early Xmas gift about a month ago (14 cu. ft. freezer off Craigslist).

I got a mash paddle (looks like an oar with holes in it), and an India Black Ale kit from my teenage son.

A girlfriend of mine gave me a 4 pack of Boulevard Double Wide IPA and a sixer of Marzen. I bought myself a new set of Callaway golf clubs for Christmas, it’s hard to sit here and look at them when it’s single digits outside.

Merry Christmas to all!

Custom made tap handle. My wife found a local artist (who has carved items for the Anheuser Bush headquarters in the past). The design, color and shield are all relevant to my family history going back to my viking ancestors that settled in England circa 600 a.d.

Got some PJ’s and a new Droid(checking it out right now…)
Got myself Stan H’s hop book which I’ve been reading during vacation spare time. Finding it hard to put down.

Still at work :slight_smile:

A Perlick 525SS with SS shank assembly and a cool “European” tap handle. Also a gift certificate I will use to purchase another Perlick, shank, etc… On my way to equipping my new keezer with 6 faucets!

Merry Christmas!

My wife made me a grain display where there are 8 glass vials on a nice cherry wood board to hold a range of malted barley (from 2-row to Black Patent). It looks really cool! I also got a keg washer and already got to try it out on the keg we kicked yesterday.

I got 3 books, 2 I asked for an a new one that just released …Brewing Classic Styles, IPA by Mitch Steele from Stone brewing and For the Love of Hops. I also got a mill, but it’s getting returned to get buy a better one. I don’t get how people can even use these Corona mills :slight_smile: a car mount for my Galaxy Note and a new 8 port gig switch.

Sounds cool. How about a photo?
Speaking of which, I like the photo of the custom tap handle a few posts above. That’s one gift that will always be remembered.
No brewing related gifts for me this year…last year I got brewing gifts for Father’s Day, bday, and Christmas.

Merry Christmas and hoppy new year all!

3 perlick faucets with SS shanks. 1 johnson controller. 2 tap handles with my homebrew name on them. To top that off, last week for my birthday i got a 8 cubic foot freezer and a 50’ wort chiller. I’m very satisfied.

Now where did i put that founders breakfast stout…

This is the brewing stuff:
One 150qt and one 120qt Coleman Xtreme cooler to be converted to MT’s
Another 2000ml flask
1lb of Simcoe Pellets
1lb of Amarillo pellets
Two ale horns
[attachment=0]Ale Horns-re.jpg[/attachment]

Fist off, we had a white Christmas that made the holiday that much better. Really enjoyed the time off from work, hanging with friends and family, drinking homebrew and giving/receiving gifts from each other. Wife brewed her first batch to have ready for our Christmas Eve get-together and it was a smash hit…nobody cared to drink any of my 5 different beers after sampling hers. She called it “A Festivus Miracle” which added even more conversation to her tasty brew.

I received $150 NB gift card from wife and $100 NB gift card from mother in law…now I have decisions to make, finish keezer or go all-grain! My freezer is working just fine as it sits with 3 ball locks with picnic taps but I would like to pimp it out with collar and some perlicks. At the same time, I attended an all-grain class at my LHBS last weekend and it has me so wanting to try it. Any suggests?

I also got a cool ass “pursuit of hoppiness” tshirt and “got homebrew?” decal for my truck so that I can rep my love for homebrewing! I also got the book “brewing up a business” by Dogfish Head founder Sam Calagione.

Hope everybody else got to enjoy the Holidays as well!!


I say go all grain.

That’s what I’m leaning towards. Looks like buying a mash tun is easier than making yourself to save a couple bucks. I already have an immersion chiller so I’m good there but I’m thinking of a new brew kettle. These gift cards won’t last long!!