So, is my cider ruined?

I made some hard cider last November and it has been aging in my basement. I was considering bottling this weekend, but I went and looked at it and noticed that the airlock level had fallen below the vent and now there is a light white film on the top of my cider. I smelled it and it didn’t have any off smells, but I’m concerned that the batch is contaminated… Any thoughts? Sadly, I think I’m done here…

So I looked at it a little more, maybe not too bad. It seems the cider is bubbling a little bit. Not sure that this is a sign that it’s going to vinegar or what. Might try to take a picture and post later. In general, the container is not cloudy. I have not racked it in a couple month as there has not been any sediment.

Taste it. If it still tastes good, bottle it immediately. It is infected, but infections often take time before they hurt the flavor.