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So I forgot

… the last hop addition to NB’s Surly Bender kit. I was running late for a lunch for my sister’s return from WA. Any idea what this might do? Might I just be able to dry hop it with the Willamette?

That is exactly what I would do. Dry hop it. I’m interested to see what the old veterans say, though. They might recommend a different hop for dry hopping.


I would just dry hop it with the Willamette.

Thanks. It seems like a lot of hops for a single-hop final addition to a brown ale, but I’ll give dry-hopping a shot and see what I get. I’m excited to try this beer. I might rebrew in December and rack it onto the remains of an Oud Bruin that will be bottled then. I’d have an “Oud Bender” then.

Let us know how it turns out.

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