So could it be?

maybe this is the ultimate yeast for beer brewing .did brew with kveik yeast a beer just to see if its true a fast fermenting yeast .today did transfer my beer to second did take a sample before i did transfer to second and dry hop . well anyway og grav a 1.060 next reading today 1.009 did taste as well nice taste so could it be beer ready in three weeks ???

If your FG readings are consistent it’s “ready.” Of course depending on the yeast and beer style it might benefit from some age.

If I remember correctly, some original users of kveik yeast were bottling as quick as 4-5 days! I think I would wait, personally…

Can’t wait to get my batch going! I would imagine it’s ready… I’m usually drinking Berliner weisse 15 days after pitching yeast, so it’s entirely possible to have a batch grain to glass in 3 weeks.

will stick with the regular plan i do think. give it more time to condition and dryhop so three to four weeks.before kegging my beer

Again with shaving time. I pushed out a beer in three weeks using US 05 not that hard . did it taste good? Yes. Was it my best beer ? No.

So, we are comparing apples and oranges here as Wilcolandzaat is, tropically brewing and I think for him he may well have found the yeast that could be his stand by. Here, well where I am, the only time I can git that much heat is hopefully in the summer or dead of winter next to the wood stove. I am wanting to trying this yeast, and yes pushing one out quickly and into the keg so I can sample green, AND after its aged is whats my interest … I will keep following Wilco’s post, very interesting to me! Sneezles61

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My IPA was fermented at 73 ambient in an upstairs closet. I’m going to sample and get a gravity reading this week and will let you know.

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even its close now to the right final grav .and been reading lots about this type of yeast. will stick to my regular brewing schedule .leave it for three to four weeks in second next friday will take a reading again .will keep you all posted. by the way no brewing this weekend my brew buddy went to the usa four two weeks haha sucks now what to do on my day off