So awesome!

Made my first chocolate stout 3 weeks ago. I just kegged it and tasted the hydrometer sample. It tastes so good that I think I even love it flat!

Nothing like the feeling you get when you nailed a beer! Give it a couple weeks and enjoy!

It’s amazing how good it can taste flat, then how much better it is carbonated!

Well now I have to deal with the PBSD. I processed 10 gallons yesterday. Five gallons of rye ale (bottled), and 5 gallons of the chocolate stout (kegged). I have them in a room at 70 degrees. So far the bottles have not begun to do anything, and I wont know about the keg. I am trying the natural carb in the keg method this time. Put the priming sugar in the keg and then loaded it up. We shall see what the result is.

Sounds like a good one, I’d like to see your recipe.

Well in this case I cannot take responsibility for the recipe. I bought the northern brewer chocolate stout kit. In the winter months I relegate myself to extract kits. In the nicer weather when the outside is nice I do my all grain stuff. So, I guess I can say I recommend the Northern Brewer chocolate stout kit.

Ain’t no shame in that. Good to hear that kit is a winner.

I love the feeling of taking a swig of warm flat beer and knowing I nailed it. Just wait till its carbed! It’ll be that much better!!