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Smoked Munich Dunkel

Og 1.053
Fg 1.013
23 ibu
5% abv
Boil size 7.5 gallon
5.5 gallon in carboy

7 lbs dark muich malt
3 lbs of smoked malt (beech wood)
1 lb caramunich 2 malt
5 oz carafa 2 malt

Mash in at 150 degrees for 60 minutes
Batch sparge and collect 7.5 gallons of wort
Totol boil time 60 minutes
Hops 1 oz tettnanger 60 minutes
1 oz tettnanger 10 minutes
Yeast wpl830
Ferment at 50 degrees for three weeks and slowly raise to 62 degrees and hold there for a week. Secondary is optional if you wish too. I cold crashed for a week then keged and carb’d and let it lager for two more weeks. Before taping the keg

That looks good. I really like smoked beers (except peat). I have a porter in primary with homegrown and smoked chipotles.

Not sure why you put it in a crabby. :wink:

Lol sorry typo got it fixed though.

Still looks like a great beer. :cheers:

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