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Smashing Pumpkin

So I made the Smashing pumpkin ale kit, I made a spice and bourbon tincture and added it to secondary so I could harvest my WLP011 european ale yeast with no spice flavoring in it.

Each sip is has a hint of pumpkin pie and it is quite pleasant.

Not sure if I can down 5 gallons of this so I anticipate sharing it with many friends.

Anyone else make it and realized they should have bottled it for sharing instead of keg?

I hear you, 5 gallons is allot of pumpkin beer to drink on your own, even when it is great.

That being said, I keg most of my beer but still share it with my friends. You can always fill a bottle after the beer has been in a keg, bring a growler to a friends house, invite some friends over…

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