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Smashing pumpkin w/ cans of pumpkin

Getting ready to brew the smashing pumpkin for the first time and plan to follow the video to add two cans of pumpkin. When you heat the pumpkin with the 2lb 6-row… Do you add the grains for the kit as well? Is this done instead of steeping the grains?


Extract or All Grain?

Extract… Haven’t moved up to all grain…yet :slight_smile:

Yes, add the steeping grains with the pumpkin, and the 6-row.

You’ll basically be turning your extract kit into a partial mash kit. You will want to get a large grain bag, as the one that comes with the kit for the steeping grains is too small. Northern Brewer sells a nice one for $5.99.

I used one yesterday for my first all grain brew (BIAB) and it worked great, easily holding 10 pounds of grain, so it will easily handle a partial mash quantity of grain plus pumpkin.

Thanks, I ordered the filter bag with the kit. Was pretty sure this was correct… just wanted to be 100% :slight_smile: .

… as a follow up question, is there any reason I couldn’t do the partial mash with 6.5 gallons instead of 3 so that I am set to go into the boil?

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