Smashing pumpkin taste

I recently transfered my smashing pumpkin into the secondary and took a little sample and it tasted pretty bad. I know its still a very early ale but when I transfered my caribou slobber to the secondary it didnt taste bad at all. The taste is hard to describe but it definetly had a strong alcohol finish on it even though I know I pitched it at the perfect temp ( I work in a field where I have access to very accurate thermometers and made sure it was the beer temp not the room temp I was measuring. a fellow brewer suggested that it might be due to the pumpkin needing to be chilled and carbonated but I wanted to see if anyone else has had this experience or If I did something wrong. Im a pretty beginner brewer if that wasnt obviuous enough. Thanks for the help

Patience, young grasshopper.

What you taste now compared to what you will taste four weeks from now, even a week from now, will be a drastic change. Chances are the yeast have not done their job and some yeast byproduct is still floating around. The taste will mellow out as long as you keep the fermentation and conditioning temperature stable and around 60-64F and this holds true once you bottle and/or keg.

Pumpkin beers are crap in general.

Well I’m no help. :lol: