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Smashing Pumpkin AG-Active fermentation Q

Just brewed the AG version of SPA. Brew day was full of brewmergencies, rookied out and forgot to attach my false tube to my MT, so I had to mash in my 10g mega stove top. I had a tough time with temp stability so it mashed a bit warm (158F). Although sticky, I opted to add 10oz of molasses to the 60 min boil in case I got poor conversion. Following cool down I managed to let my smack pack slip out of my hands (sanitizer) and lost a qtr of the pack.
Despite all the early morning issues, this puppy is cranking so much in my bucket I had to install a blow off tube to a growler with sanitizer solution.

Just wondering if anyone else is getting similar results or if it’s the results of the grandmas.

what temp are you fermenting at?

Ambient is around 72F, still motoring but blow off tube is keeping up and foaming is minimal to non existent at this point (in the line )

it’s rockin’ that hard, I’m assuming, from the temp. the beer is probably around 76F. next time try to bring the temp down before pitching & during fermentation. try to ferment around 64-66F.

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