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Smashing Pumpkin addidtions

I know it’s not the season for such beers (though I feel its always the season for any beer)…but being a huge pumpkin beer fan, I HAD to try it…my question is, is there anything you (or someone you know) have added to the kit or other kits to make it better beer? Such as more spices? more pumpkin? Bits of real panther? Cheers all!

I’m not a fan of restricting styles to seasons either, so go ahead and brew that pumpkin beer. Don’t ever let anyone tell you not to brew what you want to drink.

I’ve done the Smashing Pumpkin a few times, there’s video instructions on how to go Partial Mash so you can add real pumpkin, I like that route. I also (mistakenly) ramped up the spice level a bit with McCormick Pumpkin Pie Spice Blend; don’t over do it. I think Do a batch with what they give you, then add more next time if you think it wasn’t enough.

I agree! It’s my beer and I want it now! haha…sounds good I am sure it’s tasty by itself just getting a feel for things to try to make it even better! thanks for the input :cheers:

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