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SMASHED carboy leads to Surly SYX!

Well today was bottling day of the Dead Ringer…Here is the after math of a 100% full carboy that slipped from my grip onto the patio.

I’m happy to say at least nobody was hurt other than a few cuts on my bare feet :slight_smile: Also…no beer was spilled…whew !

Well after that and the clean up I decided I would need to calm down a bit and what better way than to open a coveted bottle of Surly SYX I had just picked up today. I also got to share it with my son who enjoyed it.

I’m not real good at the tasting notes thing…but here goes…

Smell - Real strong alcohol smell and a bit fruity…a little banana… ?

First taste - OMG…This is amazing…first you get big alcohol and then is turned a bit sour. The alcohol taste lingers and leaves a semi dry finish.

After the glass…I still taste a little sourish and dry tongue.

Carboy 1 - RIP?

Glad you didn’t get hurt. I love my glass carboys but that may change if/when I drop one.

Cue “That’s why I use better bottles” responses

I like my glass carboys.

Glad to know that you are okay compared to the other horrendous carboy stories i have heard since i joined.

Glad to hear you are okay.
I like my glass too, but you have to respect it.

I’ve done the same thing, dropped a batch of Paterbier and watched it run down the driveway. :cry: Now I mostly use use better bottles (not confident they’d survive the same drop but I like their lighter weight) and buckets.

Jealous of the bottle purchase, won’t have time to look around for a bottle until this weekend at which point I assume they’ll be hard to find.

I always keep my carboys in plastic milk crates, and move them around that way, although I very rarely use them anymore. Sorry for your loss!

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