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Small problem

I was going to brew today and forgot that I needed to make a starter. What I was going to brew
has an OG of 1.084 and uses Wyeast#1762 Belgian Abbey ll and I only have one pouch. Luckily
I can brew this tomorrow and maybe Wednesday. I’ve got 100 grams or so of plain amber DME
but thinking that won’t be enough. I also have a packet of US-05 and #1450 Dennys Favorite 50
from a beer that I kegged a few days ago. Looking for some ideas/thoughts/suggestions that will
help me out today and in the future. I guess I could also scrap the brew day and order another pouch of
#1762 or more DME. Someday I’ll get this brewing thing down.

100 grams is +/- .75 cup. From my limited knowledge, I think that is enough to make a starter.

100g in .25 gallon = ~ 1.039, .50 gallon = ~1.019

Mr Malty suggest 1.17l (.3gallon) starter with intermediate shaking. Or 1l (.25g) with a stir plate.

If you have some 2row on had, 1.5lbs will mash out to about .75 gallons of starter wort.

If you had your general location in your profile, someone may be near you that can set you up with some extra dme. :wink:

I’d use the DME and a quarter cup of sugar to make a 2qt starter. You need the cell count for a big beer like that. The starter will probably be ready tomorrow if you don’t mind pitching the whole thing at high krausen.

Thanks for the ideas, didn’t think of using sugar with the DME. Guess I better get making my starter
for tomorrow.

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