Small brew screw up--what will happen?

Made a 1 gallon White House Porter. By mistake I put in the German hops and honey right away instead of waiting 45min like the recipe said. So what will be the outcome? Is it going to be super hoppy and bitter?


Your IBUs will be higher. Not sure what will happen with the honey. I’m thinking you will be fine.

The honey will ferment-out and probably just vanish, but I don’t think a 60 versus 15 minute boil will make much of a difference there. Your beer will be fine. The White House Honey Porter was the first homebrew I shared outside of my family. It was well received.

You might want to order another kit, and brew it “correctly” you can then compare results side-by-side. The only trick is brew the second batch soon enough that it can be done conditioning before the first batch gets all consumed. :cheers: