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Small blowoff hose

The blowoff hose that came with my plastic 5 gallon kit seems a bit small for the bung that was in the bag with it and while most of the gasses are going through it to the pitcher of sanitizer, I’m getting some bubbles through the bung.

Any quick, old-pro, suggestions for how to prevent this?

As long as bubbles are building up there, I’m not overly concerned about contamination, but once the krausen starts to drop off, that might be a bigger worry.


go get a plastic elbow that will fit the bung and the hose

what’s the suggestion if I live 90 minutes away from the nearest home brew supply store?


You can get a 90* elbow at ANY home improvement shop (lowes, home depot, Menards, local hardware).

Doubtful the HBS will have the elbow. There are many “brewing items” at the local hardware store. You just have to “think outside the box”.

While you are at the hardware store, think about this setup.
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