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Small Batch Questions

I got a Deluxe Homebrew kit for Christmas. I have brewed my first batch of Caribou Slobber. Now I am looking at doing small 1Gal batches to try different beers.

Will the Quad core kit allow me to make 4 small 1Gal batches at one time?

Anyone else brew multiple beers at once?


Yeah that’s what the quad core is for. I would caution you that fermenting 1gal batches in 1gal fermenters is likely going to result in blow off. Blow off = loss of beer. Personally I would look at buying a few 2 gal food grade buckets.

[quote=“Loopie Beer”]Personally I would look at buying a few 2 gal food grade buckets.[/quote] +1 - Personally I don’t know why NB doesn’t supply a larger fermenter in their 1 gallon kits. Trying to make 1 gallon batches in a 1gallon fermenter is the hieght of insanity.

Our host has 2 gallon buckets and lids made for fermenting. Why they don’t put these in the 1 gallon kits I don’t know.



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