Small Batch Kits

I’m wondering if anybody here uses the small batch kits for a preview of a five gallon batch. I know there are limitations to what you can do, but I thought it would be neat to try something on a smaller scale, rather than spend the bigger dollars on the full kit. Just curious if anybody here does that, and whats your experience?

I don’t use kits so I do not use 1gal batches. I do use 2.05gal test batches when I’m coming up with new questionable recipes, rather than brewing a full 10gals that needs to be dumped or choked down. It also allows me to brew inside when the weather is crappy and allows me to have more beer on tap. Therefore, I think this is a great way to not only sample different beers but to have more on stock.

I’m a fan of smaller batches too. I also like using small batches instead of yeast starters for larger batches.

I got into home brewing when I was given a one gallon kit for Christmas. After getting more comfortable with the process, I upgraded to five gallon equipment, mostly because waiting four weeks for less than 12 beers seemed like a small return for the time spent.

So now, I do use my one gallon setup (either recipe kits or my own ideas) as a way to test something before deciding if it needs to be tweaked, or scrapped altogether. Making a bad beer, and having to pour nine or ten down the drain is a lot better than investing two months or more, and realizing that you’ve got two cases you can’t choke down and definitely can’t give away.