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Small batch electric premade system

I’m all for building a electric system from scratch but I’m thinking something like the brewers edge mash and boil would be way easier to just buy. Anyone use any electric premade systems? Or know of other options that aren’t super expensive.

There are quite a few options out there… IF you have 220 and there is that option, I’d look close at that… No matter what, I’m very glad I did switch… Isn’t Denny doing stuff with the Pico system? If so, I would say, there is a good one to look at too. Sneezles61

Is there any advantage to these systems other than the “set it and forget it” aspect? I mean, boiling some stuff for a certain duration of time is pretty easy. Holding a temperature for a certain amount of time, even in the kettle, is easy enough as well.

Smaller footprint is a plus for me. I want to be indoors is another reason.

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The pico brew looks really nice but the model c from what I understand your limited to the pico pak recipes. It’s the cheaper model. The larger one is out of my price range.

I bought the biab system 220 volt from high gravity in April and It came in just shy of $1k and I haven’t even used it yet! I am mostly waiting for the Winter to arrive because I do like brewing outdoors in the spring. It is an ultra nice system and I cant wait to try it out. One of the cons I am seeing is what type of surface to place the kettle on. My 220 breaker is in the laundry room so I got a 10 foot cord put on it I just need to make some sort of metal stand for it. If anyone has any ideas for this, please let me know.

Here is a SS table.. They also have a scratch and dent section if that doesn’t bother you.

Look to a used commercial kitchen equipment company… Get some wheels on it so you can wheels stuff around… Little storage shelf underneath it… Sneezles61

I built my entire indoor electric system from scratch. The footprint isn’t anything small, but it’s nice to make 5 or 10 gallon batches without using propane or a stove, and getting to stay indoors is great

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What about a grainfather. Or a different system. Like this

I see, yes makes sense. I understand all to well. I live in a tiny apartment with no outside, but I do have a nice gas top stove. BIAB was my space saving system.

Thanks @loopie_beer this is exactly what I need.

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