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Smack pack question

I posted this in someone elses thread and i don’t think i got an answer. I purchased two brews from NB and i stupidly left them in the package for about 5 days and did not take out the wyeast and put it in the fridge. Now the wyeast was packed in the envelopes with the frozen pack so it was cold for some time but they wer not “cold” for at least a few days. I then finally opened it up and put them in the fridge. They have now been in the fridge since and i’m going to brew this week. Will they be ok?

They are a Chocolate Milk Stout with Wyeast 1332 - OG 1.051 and a German Alt Wyeast 1007 - OG 1.052.

Thanks! I hope they’re fine to use.

I would smack both to make sure they’re still viable and make starters for both. Especially the alt. That will need a bigger starter.

You should be fine even after 5 days but as dobe recommends, make a starter for those beers. 1.5L for the stout and do at least 5 days in advance. Probably 2L starter for Alt if you plan on fermenting at the low range of the yeast.

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