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Slow fermenting?

Hello, I’ve got my first ever batch brewing which is a Breakfast Stout. I noticed the air lock bubbling away about twelve hours after I put it in the fermenter, but now three days later I’m only getting a bubble every 20-30 seconds. Does this seem normal, or should it be more aggressively fermenting? Also, should I be aerating regularly and how often do you guys check the SG?


Fermentation slowing down on the third day is normal- especially if you used dry yeast (it can finish pretty rapidly).

Aeration should not be done except at the very beginning of fermentation. Aeration should be done after cooling the wort and before adding the yeast. If you aerate after that it can cause off flavors.

My advice: everything sounds like it’s going fine, let the fermentation continue for 2-3 weeks. Your yeast will make bad beer and then clean it up into good beer- just be patient and let them finish the second part of their job.

Good Luck!

This is quite normal. The rate of fermentation will depend on your yeast strain and the beer temp. Once you’ve achieved two to three consecutive gravity readings within a two to three day period and the beer has cleared somewhat it will be ready to bottle and or keg.

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