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Slow fermentation

I’m still more or less noob on my third batch.
I’m brewing Honey Wheat, to which I’ve added camomile and lemongrass.
Wyeast 1010 nicely inflated, but maybe I pitched a bit hot at around 76F. OG was 1.048, exactly as it should be.
I have temperature controlled chest freezer at 68F. Fermentation was slow to start (some 16 hour for foam to appear), after 10 days I ramped up the temp to 70F to increase rate, the foam settled on day 12, but on day 14 day it was still bubbling like 1-2 per minute, now we are day 16 bubbling has slowed down considerably, but not stopped (like once every 2-3 mins). Just meaured gravity and it is around 1.008. I’ve tested the sample I collected for gravity and it tastes beautiful, so it is not off, just slow. Should I rack to secondary of wait longer?



Likely, the act of raising the temp is causing excess CO2 to come out of solution. If you have a hydrometer, check the reading 2 days apart and see if it’s changed.

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