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Slobber ipa

Nice carbonation. Citra. Galexy hops. Abv 5.6


Moar info! Recipe?

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I assume you mean the Caribou Slobber recipe. I only tried it once so far.

I think he is just slobbering over an ipa he brewed.

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No i just used the first part of the carbou slobber. Its a sort of carbou slobber but did use different kind of hops

10 lbs 2 row malt. 1 lbs caramelmalt. Mash time 60 min. Boil size 7.7 gal. Batch size 6 gal. 60 min citra hops. 1 oz. 30 min galaxy hops 1 oz. 20 min citra hops 1 oz. 15 min 1 tbs irsh mosh. 10 min citra. Hops. 1oz. 10 min yeast nutrient. Flame out citra hops1oz. Dry hop. Galaxy. 6 days. Secondary. Og 1065. Fg 1010. Did do nothing with the water. Just some burton salt. The water from the tap disalnated water. Yeast. Starter. 1 liter. Kveik yeast. And did add for 1 min oxygen to the wort. Before pitching the yeast

I think he’s a monster creator! I like that he’s able to think outside the box… OR… doesnt run down that same beaten trail. Sneezles61

Both. I create on what i have. In my brew area. One of the down fall living on a island. No brew supply store.

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