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Slobber at 1.020, add rest of slurry?

Hi All,
last week I made my second PM, Caribou Slobber.
I poured it on a yeast cake (after taking half out) US-05.
WOW, after 3 hours it had 1/2 inch Krausen and was bubbling away.
24 hours later, krausen down, bubbling down…

another day later, I checked gravity, and it was 1.020, after 2 days! (OG 1.060)

now it’s been a week (6 days), still at about 1.020, even after rousing a bit.

My question is:

Should I add the rest of the yeast cake? it’s about 1 cup of thick slurry.


Ferment temperature? Did it start higher, get lower? What did it settle at for temp? Just wondering if it was on the cool side?

I would think that’s an ideal FG for that beer.

I cooled my wort to 63*, and pitched at that temp.
my winter brewing closet is 62-64*, perfect for US-05.

after going up to high 60’s for the brief ferment, it’s settled to about 63*

I had a beer do almost that exact thing in the past couple weeks. Went from 1.06 to 1.02 quick (a few days), and then it seemed to just sit there (still only talking 7-10 days). I brought it from low 60-62 to 64/65 and swirled it around once a day for a week. Let it go for another week this way and when I bottled in yesterday it was down to 1.014 or so. If it has only been 6 days, you may get another few points out of it over the next week or two.

I doubt adding the rest of the yeast will help, there’s plenty in there as it is. What I would do is raise the temperature to around 70° if you can and give it a good swirl to get the yeast back into suspension.

ok, thanks for all the advice,
I can swirl it and warm it up,

Don’t add more yeast, reproduction has occurred already and if you pitched a measured amount of slurry to begin with, you should be fine there. I second the raise temp and swirl regimen, I’m doing the same with my extract batch that’s sitting at 1.024 with Windsor Ale yeast, which is a poor attenuator, but I’m hoping to shave a few more points off in the next week or too.

I’m thinking because of all of the amber lme and dme this recipe, even with us05 isn’t going to attenuate down as much as others.

yup, I looked back at my notes, and every time I make slobber, it’s around 1.018-1.020 and it always tastes great!

thanks everyone.

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