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Skunked Saison Dupont

Hardly ever buy commercial beer, but was walking past a Spec’s and decided to splurge on a 750 of Saison Dupont on Saturday and poured it last night - I have never before thought a beer smelled like an actual skunk, but the kitchen was filled with that weird scent, both appealing and revolting at the same time. I put my nose down in the glass and the beer itself smelled (and tasted) fine, but my wife walked in just as I was carrying the glasses to the couch and was skeptical, almost not willing to drink it. If anything, the skunkiness added a little something extra and we finished the bottle no problem. But when I burped later, smelled like a backwoods Texas road on a hot afternoon for a couple of seconds!

i wonder if she suspected you were smoking the green :shock:

hahah, glad it didnt taste like skunk too :cheers:

I’ve always been too scared of skunking to buy Belgians in green glass. I know the bottles of Houblon Chouffe at my local liquor store have sat there forever – I can see the layer of dust.

I like skunked Dupont, doesn’t taste right if it’s fresh or kegged. It’s warped my taste buds I suppose but I don’t care. Smells and tastes great. :slight_smile:

I only buy it if I see it at a good price, and I always ask if there are any bottles still in the box in the cooler. It is fantastic beer, but not when it is skunked. They are usually still skunked when I pull them off the back of a shelf. I also like the small brown bottles when I see them.

Luckily, I brew a saison a couple times a year so I usually have a good one around. Of course it is not exactly the same beer, but it is close.

One of the local beer mavens in Indy has educated one of the local large beer retailers about the need to treat Saison Dupont very carefully to avoid skunking. They now keep the stuff in sealed boxes in the back and you can ask for a bottle and avoid the skunking issue. Unskunked Saison is a thing of beauty.

I’ve returned really skunked Moinette (another dupont beer) before. I only buy Saison Dupont in the 12 oz brown bottles now.

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