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Skipped flaked barley in a stout

Brewed a stout with 90% MO 10% RB. NO flaked barley. Tasted good on the way to the fermenter. Anyone else try something like this ?

That’s how I make a lot of my stouts and porters. They usually come out pretty good. I’ve had a few bordering on too astringent with not a whole lot to balance out the mouthfeel. I’ve never used the MO but from everything I’ve read it might have a little more character than my normal 2row.

My stouts almost always consist of some combination of black, brown, amber, and pale malts. Always some black, and always pale. Stout is a pretty vague style, and anyone that tells you it has to have a certain ingredient has spent too much time reading style guidelines. It’ll come out great.

Starting to doubt that the flaked barley is anything other than a brewing adjunct.
Wanted it super simple for a baseline.
I am loving my first ever sack of Thomas Fawcett.

As you should! They make fantastic stuff. I use their amber and brown malts quite often.

I don’t use flaked barley but I do use Quaker oats oatmeal alot. I’m working through a bag of TF MO now. Made ESB to highlight the flavour to tell you the truth not that impressive. Could be my recipe

Maybe I got a good batch.

Maybe the sack I got was old. I mashed at around 156. Straight MO with with a tiny bit of Chrystal. Bitter around 30 and a bit of Willamette for flavor and aroma. Wy1968. Came out to clean. Thought I would taste the malt more. Didn’t get anything from the yeast and I fermented it warmer than usual. Don’t mean to hijack maybe @flars can move it

I mash lower with pale ale malts. Usually on the high side of 150.
Not sure it matters, it’s just what I do.

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